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Any System With Non-Compressible Fluid That Moves In A Pipe.

Industry Leading Treatment Process Solutions

We are an engineering, design, product integration, and systems-build company that deals with any industry utilizing fluid processes, pipes, pumps, tanks, etc.

Based in Florida, we have done extensive projects nationwide, and in a variety of applications, including water/wastewater treatment, solid waste, maritime, and jet/rocket propulsion systems.

We can meet your engineering needs, from simple CAD drawings to controls and automation programming, to complete process systems design and commissioning/startup.

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Solutions And Services

Our engineers (PE) apply hydraulic engineering equations and principles for systems and equipment design.

From single / duplex pumps systems to entire plant process design according to ASME / ANSI specifications.

We design specialized equipment for water and wastewater treatment based on client’s custom needs – including tanks and ancillary equipment (pump stations & level / flow / pressure control to meet required process definitions.

We design and build control panels and custom PLC / touchscreen applications for equipment and systems that process fluids.

We employ licensed Professional Engineers in multiple states in America to provide regulatory application and permit acquisition for system installs.

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Our portfolio covers a wide variety of fluid process engineering work at the highest level. Come take a look at what we’ve worked on and see for yourself our capabilities!

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