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Fluid Process

EFP is a fluids system engineering company that designs systems, equipment, and process controls related to moving non-compressible fluids specializing in water and wastewater treatment markets.

If it’s a non-compressible fluid that flows in a pipe, we are experts in engineering, design, control, and commissioning of that process.

  • Small, yet highly specialized company with unique skillset. 
  • We are efficient and give high quality work.
  • We offer engineering and hands-on experience all under one roof. 
  • Our projects are cost effective while quickly adapting to any of your needs.
  • Highly networked with some of the best engineering minds in the industry.
  • EFP is flexible and readily available to contract.

Solutions And Services


Our engineers (PE) apply hydraulic engineering equations and principles for systems and equipment design.

System Design

From single / duplex pumps systems to entire plant process design according to ASME / ANSI specifications.

Equipment Design

We design specialized equipment for water and wastewater treatment based on client’s custom needs, including tanks and ancillary equipment (pump stations & level / flow / pressure control to meet required process definitions).

Process Control

We design and build control panels and custom PLC / touchscreen applications for equipment and systems that process fluids.


We employ licensed Professional Engineers in multiple states in America to provide regulatory application and permit acquisition for system installs.

Who Do We Serve?

Municipal & Specialized Water Treatment

Food & Beverage Producers

Engineering Consultants

OEM / Equipment Manufacturers

Fields of experience include fluid process, water/wastewater treatment, solid waste, used cooking oil treatment, marine/maritime, and jet/rocket propulsion.

Why Us?

Engineered Fluid Process is owned by a board-certified, licensed Professional Engineer, whose PE licensing exam included the fluid properties portion.

Current licenses in Florida, Nebraska, and Ohio; reciprocity can be obtained in all 50 United States, most cases in 3-4 weeks.

Highly Cost Effective, Efficient & Fast Response to Project Needs – Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural & Architectural.

Sign & Seal, Engineer-of-Record Through NCEES Application With Highly Accredited Model Law Ranking.

From Simple Custom Equipment to Entire Plant Design.

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